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PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

Regenerative Gynaecology

Aesthetic-Regenerative Gynaecology is a newly introduced Gynaecology subspecialty that practices the non-surgical measures to induce Vaginal Rejuvenation to address feminine area’s Gynaecological problems or dysfunctions that happen following giving birth (tears, stretch, laxity, scars etc) or with menopause; like laxity of the vaginal wall, urine leakage (urinary-Stress- incontinence, mixed type), & diminished sensation or lack of orgasm or pain during sex, anal area laxity, changes in  appearance, texture & colour of the area & many more!


            The term "Aesthetic “Gynaecology means the subspecialty of Gynaecology that treats problems affecting the SENSATION function in the Feminine Area (i.e NOT Cosmetics).

             Aesthetic Gynaecology is a genuine MEDICAL treatment category of procedures that aim at regaining the normal functions (physiology) and appearance (anatomy & histology) of the Feminine Area (vulvo-vaginal) through instigating tissues regeneration (Vaginal Rejuvenation) using non-invasive/ non-surgical procedures like PRP injections, Laser or Radiofrequency, HIFU, etc (called Energy Based Devices). All constitute an option of treatment of the above mentioned common Gynaecological dysfunctions.


           Therefore, Dr. Nadia Yousri is the first Gynaecologist to name it as “Regenerative Gynaecology” or “Functional Gynaecology” ©® ™ in order to declare it clear it is a medical treatment by doctors & not under Cosmetics.


N.B: Please read Dr. Nadia’s blog on “It is Regenerative Gynaecology and not Aesthetics”:


Please read below some of the non-invasive procedures we offer.

PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Vaginal Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection (aka O-Shot) into certain points in the vaginal wall; instigates the attraction & multiplication of stem cells & fibroblasts inflow to the area which stimulates renewal & rejuvenation of all tissue layers. In addition, the Growth factors release from activated PRP, leads to new vascularization with new collagen and elastin fibres and peripheral nerve regeneration. Therefore, the vagina becomes tighter, lubricated, less prone dryness or infection with higher sensation perception during intercourse. 

   Thorough Gynaecological examination & assessment are imperative for proper case selection and customising the treatment plan. All done by Dr. Nadia Yousri, an OB&GY Expert, FRCOG herself. 

A numbing cream (& local analgesic injection) is applied 40-45 minutes prior injection to make it very much tolerable procedure. There is no down time. A protocol of three sessions with 4 weeks apart is advisable. Mostly, the peak of successful results is attained within 3 months & is maintained up to one year. 


Ultra femme 360 is a safe, non-surgical alternative to labiaplasty and vaginoplast procedures. It provides a complete vaginal rejuvenation including vaginal

tightening and labia reduction.  Ultra femme 360 is an excellent procedure for any woman after child birth or

over 40 to feel more confident. It utilizes two attachments to address the vaginal canal and the labia area. The entire vulvar area is heated using radio frequency to encourage collagen synthesis and blood supply. Patient will feel a pleasant and comfortable heat during treatment.

Focused thermal energy disrupts old collagen fibers, thereby encouraging new ones to form. Many patients will experience an improvement in stress incontinence and relief from itching, dryness and painful intercourse.

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Ultra Femme 360


VotiVa-RF Feminine Rejuvenation

Votiva is a safe and gentile treatment that addresses both internal and external

vaginal tissues including vaginal rejuvenation.

Votiva is a device that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy waves to heat and stimulate the cells of the vagina and vulva to increase collagen and elastin fiber production which impact blood flow and vaginal elasticity. Votiva reduces vulvar laxity, strengthens the vaginal muscles and improves sensation during intercourse. Patient will feel a heating sensation during treatment with minimum discomfort and will need 2 to 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart with little downtime and results can be seen immediately and improvement occurs over time.


Dr. Nadia Yousri, being a highly experience professional Gynaecologist achieves high results in performing Labia (Feminine Area) filler treatment which works like a magic to instantaneously restore the youthful appearance and function of female intimate area.

Nowadays, women are concerned about appearance of their intimate area, its shape, colour & texture. Changes do happen with life events that the woman passes through. Childbirth often causes overstretch of the feminine area tissue or affected by birth injuries or as part of the natural aging process (menopause) or other conditions associated with declining Oestrogen levels (post chemo etc) or excessive weight loss, all these could affect collagen production to be disturbed or to slow down resulting in droopy connective tissues & wrinkled skin (shrivelled) all over the body including vagina (&vulval area).

Labia majora (genital outer lips) appear floppy, lax and deflated with dryness (loss of moisturizing secretions) & irritation & discomfort. Loss of tone and firmness of labia majora and lack enough moisture can cause irritation, discomfort during intercourse or with tight cloth because of excessive friction.

The material that can be injected to restore the plumpness of labia (outer lips) is either Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which lasts 9-18 months or by own fat transfer (permanent). Hyaluronic acid is a is natural component of the collagen present in the human body's connective tissues. It is a linear polymer with its primary configuration containing D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. It has the impressive ability to bind with up to 1000 times its weight in water creating a compression-resistant “gel” that provide support, hydration, moisturization & elasticity to the skin. In addition, HA stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and tissue rejuvenation.

The injection of hyaluronic acid into the labia gives long term effective volume correction that improves the appearance, besides restoring  hydration & moisturization to the tissues that subsequently increase sexual excitation during itercourse & eliminate any pain or discomfort. 

The procedure is performed by the experienced top Gynaecologist Dr. Nadia Yousri, the best in such crafty skill. The procedure entails performing thorough Gynaecological examination to personalise the injection crafts' work according to the individual variation in the Anatomy. This is the huge advantage of having a top Gynaecologist performing it, it is guaranteed excellent results without complications. Numbing cream & local analgesic are used before artistically & craftly injecting the HA filler into the chosen structures of the feminine area very safely (top knowledge). The procedure takes 30 minutes with downtime of 5-7 days. The fantastic "puff" appearance is an immediate finding like the action of an amazing magician. Moisturizing function & tissues' rehydration & sensations are back with the rejuvenated tissues so no more painful intercourse, on the contrary there will be an exponential gain in the lady's self-esteem & confidence onwards (Filler stays in 12-18 months).


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Labia Filler (Labia puff)



Child birth is a great event in woman’s life, aging is another. However, they affect your intimate area due to decrease of collagen production, vagina loose elasticity

and tightness inside and outside causing a change of its appearance. This may lead to other problems such a bladder leakage and dryness which impact yourself-esteem and vaginal well-being.


Themiva is a noninvasive procedure which uses radio frequency to lightly heat the tissue to promote the natural development of collagen by your body to rejuvenate your labia and vagina without pain or downtime.


Thermiva can help prevent bladder leakage, treat vaginal dryness and infection

by promoting natural moisture and improve sensation during intercourse.